SottoMettimi is an innovative niche brand for its commitment to eco-friendly production. The perfect mix among Fashion, Performance and Sustainability to develop Woman and Man Knitwear only with Pure Yarns.

We are constantly innovating, employing cutting-edge technology and moving forward with natural fibre combinations.

SottoMettimi was launched in 2014 with the mission to offer top quality and functionally performing knitwear.
Inspired by pure and natural fibres, the italian style designs and restyles the
Essential & Functional Trend, with sober but refined details, staying though totally committed to an innovative and yet eco-friendly production. Entirely Made in Italy.

Maybe there was nothing going on, but gut instinct said there was a story here- something big.


by Luigi Perna

We have always been fascinated by the knitwear world, where we spent most of our life. Imagine then dreaming one summer night about the evolution of our story while looking closely at a sweater. Manufactured as it was in a special extra-fine merino wool, developed in years, it looked extraordinary in its natural beauty. And that’s why we now want to offer with passion and great expertise only top quality and functionally performing knitwear. Every time you wear it you will experience a true and uncontrollable pleasure, no matter if in search for a daily comfort or looking for a special occasion.
SOTTOMETTIMI showcases an innovative collection of technically advanced Merino wool yarns.
Invites you to wear only fine and natural knitwear either under a jacket or a blazer, or right on your skin.

OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS: Extra-fine Merino wool, specially EXP treated.

Light and breathing, warm and isolating, totally easy care, machine-washable, tumble-dry, low-pilling, hypoallergenic and extremely nice to feel on the skin.



We carefully identified the right fiber, treated and transformed into a particular knitwear characterized by unusual and unique features for a fashionable product.
We traced a concept, we took inspiration from hightech yarns used in extreme sports.
Wool is the core of our brand. Precisely, it is an extra-fine merino wool with a special treatment EXP.

SottoMettimi – “Feel the yarn… you’ll feel the difference”