“Fashionable Knit Fascination”

The textile tradition of Valsesia and the Biella region, especially in terms of specialized treatment and processing of fine fibers, is known throughout the world. Not everyone knows, however, how carefully every step is taken care of. I have been lucky because I could experience and breathe the culture of that excellence. From textile Masters I learnt the rules to distinguish the best. I have constantly yearned for research and experimentation, with a view to improving, refining, and defining. In so doing, it has become apparent what outlining a mission and fulfilling it at every stage means. I have listened to words full of knowledge and seen thoughts and desires come true for the sake of my company, and for intellectual and moral duty towards those who had trusted me. Trust that has been never betrayed because a company’s seriousness is measured not only with its achievements, but mostly by stating its ethical values. The latter can emerge only if you decide and are able to be a benchmark in culture, technology, and quality.


Spotlight on the name “SottoMettimi”

The verb “sottomettere” – SottoMettimi is the Noun – means conquering = gaining control of an emotion by making a great physical or mental effort.
SottoMettimi earns the Love or Admiration Of Wool Addicted.


by Luigi Perna

I was in Quarona –Northern part of Italy- at the beginning of my journey through the production chain of fine fibers and, sitting opposite Ingegner Sergio, had been asked to describe quality.
“What is quality for you, Luigi?”
Not to betray my embarrassment to an unexpected question, I answered “Quality is a value.”
A moment, a quick look, and then I listened to a metaphor that would always stay with me in my search for that value … A rule that has become the foundation of my vision.
“You see, Luigi, if I wanted to give you a present, I could take two roads. The first: I could choose something that appeals to me, without worrying about your tastes, let’s say, for example, a bottle of vintage wine … of course a “quality product,” but quality for whom? For me? Without even knowing if you’re a teetotaler? Or, I could follow a second path, that is investigate your specific needs, identify a desire that can meet one of your needs, something having a high intrinsic value but also an inescapably extrinsic value … If I cared about you, I’d take this second road ……In both cases I would make a gift, but the difference between the two options is huge, isn’t it?”
Since that day, it has no longer been enough for me to just think about a product. Since that day, I have been thinking about “the product.”
So just “doing” is not enough for me; since that day, I’ve been thinking about how to “do well.”
I wonder about people’s needs and turn them into unique features, developing and manufacturing them jointly with leaders in the production of yarns and people who want to innovate.
Places where mixing materials and touch pleasantness, sustainability and performance, automation and creativity is just customary. This is how I proceed day by day, involving those who want to understand what I’m doing, and being committed to making people understand what wearing quality means.