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The world of ARTSY SHOPS

Vittorio Longoni’s attention to whats’ happening in the world of fashion is matched by his ability to pick up on the artistic trends of the moment. Linguine is the buyer and visual manager for the three La Tenda Milano boutiques. Thus the La Tenda Experience and Art has been created in the via Solferino boutique while also involving the boutiques in via Mario Pagano and via Plinio in pairing fashion and art. This year, there’s the Back To Nature concept that will alternate fortnightly over three months, with four showcases presenting capsule collections from four important brands “paired” with works by contemporary artists. All united by the idea of a return to the beauty of semplicity.

Four SHOWCASE between fashion and art. So La Tenda Milan celebrates the return to nature.

Save the date!
from 20 march to 2 april: SottoMettimi & United Artists


Sottomettimi’s articles

In December 2016 SOTTOMETTIMI has started a cooperation with the online Portal magazine GiornaleOFF, which will publish an article on a monthly basis about Sottomettimi’s world. GiornaleOFF deals with culture, art, theatre and lifestyle in all its aspects mentioning italian’s special socio-cultural circumstances as a background for its deep-going articles and reports. Aiming for a sage, but humorous tone.

What does a magazine describing celebrities and background theatre sceneries and a fashion brand creating fine knitwear items in common?

The strong desire to make a work more universal and show it to a wider audience. By telling stories revealing quintessence and true value. Culture and fashion will continue to grow, innovate and create with its users for its users. It can be summed up in 2 words – Connecting, Culture.

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the article in the July 28, 2016

“SottoMettimi” ist das erst 2014 gegrundete Stricklabel des Italieners Luigi Perna. Es geht ihm um naturliche Materialien und okologisch unbedenkliche Produktionsverfahren. Ein extrafeines Merino-Garn bildet damit den Kern der Kollektion. Anspruchsvoll in Ware und Verarbeitung, dabei schlicht in der Optik – so lasst sich die Handschrift beschreiben. Lassige, Loungewear-inspirirte Styles stehen im Fokus. Der Vertrieb lauft uber Modeagentur Flessa, Buch am Buchrain. EK-Preise liegen je nach Qualitat zwischen 55 und 130 euro.