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The project for Love

“I have always thought of love for others, certainly not earnings, so, the continuous research, to make others feel good, has always pushed me towards new projects in Knit Art.
After the family, knitwear is the first love, that passion that keeps me busy and stubborn in the selection of the most noble materials, chasing a status of perfection always perfectible, to continue to see the liking of those who wear my clothes with pleasure and it would never cease to have contact with it.
Recently some dear friends have asked me to give life to a new project, to give the same pleasant caress even in free time, in the intimacy of the house, in bed or when comfortably you are on the sofa and there is that desire to cover yourself but lightly with the tactile perception of a real soft caress.
This is the reason we call The project for Love this new project of our brand, a home collection for those who love feeling good all the time.”

Luigi Perna

When Excellence becomes Art.

The most known and ancient natural fiber turns into quality and fineness with us.
The ambitious journey of our wool starts from the creation of robust relationships with Italian and European spinners, leaders in the careful selection of animals breeding and in the best productive technologies.
We add our delicate and accurate processing techniques in order to guarantee to our customers Cashwool: an extra-fine merino wool, of 16,5 micron, transformed into an excellent item of clothing or accessory for all the lovers of comfort.

The collection

From a classic and special yarn, made from pure merino’s wool, selected with care of the herds, and introduced in an eco-friendly production system, we have produced three beautiful blankets models for your bed and your sofa decoration, and to add warmth and color in feeling home.
Aida, Tosca, and Carmen, wrap yourself in will be another music…